Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Week!!

Dear family and friends,

We had a great week over here in Nuevo Paris!! We started the week off strong with a great lesson on the Restoration with Juan! As we taught him, he was completely attentive and focused on the lesson with a justified expression of both wonder and doubt. However, as we continued teaching him the truth of the Restoration, his face changed and you could see the conversion taking place. It´s like he couldn´t believe what he was hearing. And that truly is what the reaction should be like when hearing the message of the Restoration for the first time. It is extrodinary and real.

This week, we have been teaching alot about prophets to get people excited about General Conference!!
And so we had a crazy experience Tuesday. We were teaching Sister Disessa, a less active, and shared with her a few verses in 3rd Nephi 1. Well, it turns out that she has a Book of Mormon that was printed out about 60 years ago, and she was reading out of that one, and I asked if I could read out the other one, and she let me. So I read verse 13 where God explains to Nephi that "the time is close" in which all will be fulfilled. When I finished reading, my comp looked at me, confused and said: "It says something else in this book." He read the same scripture, but instead of "the time is close", it said "the time has come". That is the difference (revision) between the older Book of Mormon and the one we use now. It was crazy!
What followed was unbelievable. We went to the Alvez family, planning on sharing what we had just shared because it was great. We walked in, sat down, talked with them a bit, and Pedro said (while looking at his phone) "Hey Elders, look what Elder Fredes put on Facebook! (Hes an Elder who recently finshed his mission) And Pedro read 3rd Nephi 1 verse 13............ My comp and I looked directly at eachother and could not believe it. We knew it was not a coincidence that this Elder put that scripture on Facebook. It was an inspired post that in the end, helped us have a great and spiritual lesson with the Alvez family.

Later in the week, my comp and I had the opportunity to give blessing of counsel and comfort to Sister Lilliana and a blessing of health to her sick brother. Doing this definitely strengthened my testimony of the Priesthood.

And then, we had the opportunity to watch and listen to a beautiful General Conference. I did get to listen to the Latino Elders (from the 70) give their talks in Spanish which was awesome! The first time in history and I understood them!!!  Anyway, here are the quotes that caught my attention:

Boyd K. Packer - "The success of the church will be measured by the spiritual strength of the members"

Lynn G. Robbins (former Uruguay mission president) - "Trying to lower God´s standards is Apostasy"

D. Todd Christoferson - " Resentment of the law of gravity won´t keep someone from falling if he steps off a cliff" haha

Dieter F. Uchtdorf - " A testimony of the church is the most important thing you can earn on this earth"

Dallin H. Oaks - "A follower of Christ will be firm  in the truth"

Neil L. Anderson - "Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers, from God"
"You need never doubt the testimony of God´s prophets"
"You will not be of help to others if your faith is not secure first"

Eduardo Gavarret - "Senor, yo te seguiré"

Jeffery R. Holland - Don´t we all beg for forgiveness and hope that mercy overcomes justice, at least in our case?"

L. Tom Perry - "We must never let the noise of the world overpower the still small voice"

Quentin L. Cook - "Decisions determine destiny"

Henry B. Eyring - "Human judgement and logical thinking will not be enough to get what we need most in life. We need revelation from God."

Russell M. Nelson - "The Lord established the system of prophetic leadership"

Robert D. Hales - "We will not fall. We will not fail. Our house will be built upon the rock"

President Thomas S. Monson - " The Savior´s path will take us home"

M. Russell Ballard - "Let us stay in the old ship Zion"

Richard G. Scott - "Arm your children everyday with family prayer"

Hugo E. Martinez - "Averiguar la necesidad y luego atenderla"

David A. Bednar - "Absolute truths exist in a world that dismissed absolutes"
"We are inviting you to receive the restored truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

What a beautiful conference weekend we had. I absolutely love this church and know it is the true church of God. Until next week!

Elder Teloma

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