Monday, July 20, 2015

Salto to Colonia

I am BACK in Rosario,Colonia for 3 days with one of my best friends in the mission, Elder White from my group. Our mission President asked us to come down here from Salto (9 hour trip) to do some work here! So whooo! It is crazy returning after nearly 2 years. What a blessing.

On Tuesday we had a special zone conference  in Paysandu which was spiritually edifying! We got back to our area with a little time to make some visits. Before we got home, I felt that we should visit a less active sister whom we never got to meet, because we tried visiting her twice before with my last comp but she was never there. So we went, found her house and she (Rocio) was there! And extremely happy to see us! We talked to her a bit and planned to stop by again! I know the Lord has prepared her heart to receive the gospel again!

Wednesday, we found Ezekiel who invited us in his home to teach! It was awesome! We taught about God being our Heavenly Father and that is what is most important for someone to learn about the gospel. We found Nely Curbelo (a less active member) and taught the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy! Then we met (just contacting) Alejandro who invited us in his house. This is probably the most humble person I have met in my life. He is chosen. We taught him part of the Restoration then changed the lesson to the importance of prayer and faith.

On Thursday, we visited Suly and Antonio (two investigators) and we helped them understand what faith is and how it will lead us to our salvation! We taught Pablo and Lucia after, using King Benjamins speech (Mosiah 2) to help them understand that we are ALL debtors. However, as faithful saints we are blessed debtors who will receive eternal life if we continue being faithful!

Friday, we did divisions and I got to work with Elder Lopez again! We taught Elba and her grandson, Gustavo the Book of Mormon! After we found Valeria Medina, who is an ex investigator. She was willing to listen to us and she promised that she would pray to know if God exists! We returned to Alejandro and met his mom whose name is Felicidad (Happiness) and we taught the Restoration, with power and authority. The Spirit was strong, and Felicidad told us in that moment that the church was true. It was awesome!! The Holy Ghost is the teacher. I absolutely love this work. I will give it my all!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Salto Explota!

We had an incredible week!
On Tuesday we traveled to Montevideo (6.5 hours) for a leadership council with our mission president which was great! We had the opportunity to study the scriptures together, share ideas and receive direction from the Lord!

On Wednesday, we visited Hermana Chivel who was sick before, but now she is 100% better and she left to work with us and visit her neighbors to share the gospel!! What a dedicated daughter of God!!! We found Palacio and Nilda who are willing to listen! The Lord´s work is always 100x better when the members are involved and I can testify of that!

Thursday we had divisions and they were amazing! I worked with Elder Campos (got to use some Portuguese, hes from Brazil) and we had a great lesson on the Restoration with 3 new investigators (all young men and women)! You could see how interested they were in knowing which of all the churches was true! I also got to hold a pig!

On Friday, we found Aida, who is a member who was very sick as a result of the cold. For those of you who dont know, its winter down here in Uruguay, and its Freezing!!! WHOO. But yeah, we were able to comfort Aida which the scriptures and sincere prayer! A sweet hermana  (:
We also taught the Sponda family the importance of 2 questions asked in Alma 32:10 &11

Saturday was amazing. We taught the importance of family prayer to Leticia Olivera and she came to church and promised to prayer in her family everyday!!!!
We taught Elba the Doctrine of Christ in 3rd Nephi 11 using Christ´s words!!! We taugh Nely and her husband Vicente (who looks like an Uruguayan Albert Einstein!) ahahaha
Our main message that day to everyone was to leave everything behind and follow Christ! I know this is true!!
Elder Teloma