Monday, October 27, 2014

A Stellar Semana

We had a stellar week. It was long, productive, spiritual and rewarding. So on Tuesday, my trainer (first companion in the mission) Elder Arriola finished his mission and returned home to Guatemala. He was a very good companion and I know he will continue to be a great missionary; even without the plaque. Also, my comp and I had the privledge of going to Barrio 5, Oeste (my last area) to witness the baptism of Guillermo (my old investigator). And it was incredible to see all the members from my old ward.

On Wednesday, we worked with Sister Margot!! Although she is going through some troubling times, she agreed to leave and work with us. This is exceptional faith. We visited the Morales family, and although they are great people, they have had many problems with other members and went inactive. Before we entered the house, Sister Margot assured us that she would not speak, because she is shy. However, during our lesson with this family, Margot bore a powerful testimony that she goes to church for herself and for Christ and noone else. It was beautiful. This family is now prepared to return to church! After, we had a lesson with Adrian, who is 19, and the friend of a member. We taught him the lesson of the Restoration and he understood and absolutely loved it. At the end, we asked him to pray, and to specifically ask if the message we had shared was true. Well, he prayed, and he did not ask if the message was true. Sister Porley, who was there with us, told him that he needed to ask God if the message was true. And Adrian responded: "I already believe it. The second I closed my eyes, I felt something that I had never felt before in my life. I felt something warm....and powerful.... I already know it´s true." In Adrian´s case, the Spirit of God was too strong to ignore.

On Thursday, we left to work with Mattias, who is a recent convert of a few months. He is 16 and we want to get him excited to serve!!! We went out with him on that very very hot day, and we contacted people. It was a great experience and we look forward to seeing him again! After, we had a lesson with Luis Escobar, who is a progressing investigator. We taught him the Restoration of the Gospel, and he glady accepted the baptismal invitation for November 15th! We also put a baptismal date for Sofia for the 8th of November!

On Friday, we visited Ana (the miracle investigator) and gave her a Book of Mormon. We will be passing by again this week! We left to work Sister Guarteche, who is the stake president´s wife. We got alot done with her.

On Saturday, we did divisions. I worked with Pedro Alvez, while my comp left Augustine Guarteche (who is about to start his mission papers!) We worked 2 hours with them and visited various members and investigators!

On Sunday, we stayed inside ALL day. We were not allowed to leave the house, because it was election day yesterday. All the chapels in Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) are turned over to the country for election day and voting is done there. Furthermore, the streets are extra dangerous and crazy on election day, so missionaries are required to stay in their house hahaha. So, it was a long day yesterday, but we got alot done anyway.

This week, we worked THIRTY TWO hours with members. That is aLOT of time and sacrifice on the member´s part. And we know that the Lord recognizes their efforts and they will be blessed for them. We are looking forward to an incredible upcoming week! I LOVE THIS WORK. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I LOVE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!


Until next week,

con mucho amor,

Elder Teloma

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