Monday, November 3, 2014

A Week Well Done

I had some incredibly spiritual experiences this week that I will never forget.

On Tuesday, we taught Sofia. We taught Luis. And they are both progressing well towards their baptism and new life! We visited Sister Liliana Santana and we helped her with some family history research and it is now coming along very well! She has now reached her 4th generation! And, well, it stormed. Hard.

Wednesday, we visited a family that just recently moved into the ward, the Alonso family! And it turns out on Tuesday, they were robbed. The mom was home with her newborn baby, when two adults came in with a gun, and took the tv and computer. Fortunately, neither her nor her baby were harmed. So we came the next day and they told us everything. The mom was taking it rather well, and her husband, Brother Alonso was very angry. We just listened to them and I felt the Spirit strongly and asked if we could share a story with them. I wasn´t 100% sure, in that moment, where the story was in the Book of Mormon. And it certainly was not a coincidence that the first page I turned to was exactly what I was looking for. We read about Alma and Amulek, missionary and prophetic companions who were witnessing innocent families being killed for being believers. And when Amulek wanted to stop the wicked people from killing, Alma told him that he could do nothing, because he knew that these innocent believers would go straight to the Paradise of God, while the wicked would be harshly judged. So we related this story to what had happened to the Alonso family. They cried, listened, thanked us and bore their testimonies. It was a powerful experience.

Thursday, we found a new investigator, Talia. She is the 18 year old daughter of Grisel, who is a member of 20 years, 19 of which she has been inactive. Grisel, told us that she believes in everything, but once she got married, she stopped going because her husband doesn´t believe in God or churches. Anyway, we shared the wonderful true message of the Restoration with them, and they invited us to come back!!

On Friday we left with Margot and had a great lesson with Stefani, and she broke out crying, and completely opening up to us. It was hard, but we helped her. Then, at 7pm, we made special visits with our Stake President, Presidente Guarteche! It was awesome!! We visited the Horjes family, that is less active. Then we visited Margot, who´s expression was priceless when she saw the stake president approaching hahaha. That visit made her day, and that´s why we went.

On Saturday, my comp and I did splits, and I worked with Brother Delucchi, who is a convert of a year. I had one of the best lessons of my whole mission. We taught Grisel (the less active member) and Talia (her nonmember daughter). We taught them the Book of Mormon. We preached. We testified, but with power. Grisel explained to us that she too knew the Book of Mormon was true, but that her husband is against all religion and God. She told us that her husband had a 4 year old son that died, and after that he stopped believing in God. I told them that the Book of Mormon has answers to every single question that we may have. I asked them "Do you want to know why God lets bad things happen?" They all quickly responded "YES". And I said, then we´ll find the answer here. I opened the Book of Mormon and found the answer in Alma 60:13 that explains that all innocent people who die will go to directly to God. After Grisel read the verse, their expressions were priceless. Shock, happiness and gratitute. They said they would share the scripture with the dad once he got home. Talia offered a prayer, and thus ended a lesson that I will never forget. We teach. The Holy Ghost testifies.

Sunday was beautiful. Beautiful testimony meeting. Brother Delucchi went up and told the congregation about the splits he did with me and the incredible lesson we had. He was grateful that he got to be a missionary for 3 hours. He said that that experience strengthened his testimony.
Sister Alonso also went up and talked about her experience being robbed, but that God had sent his angels to share a message with her the next day. That the scripture we shared completely comforted her and her family.

Brothers and Sisters, I know this church is true. I am more than 100% sure and am incredible grateful to be here as a missionary!

Elder Teloma

A frog

Shirley Porley! Baptism!!

Ward Family Home Evening

The Alvez Family

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