Monday, November 24, 2014


So this post will be short and sweet. We had a fun week filled with great lessons, and experiences. On Tuesday, I was bit in the face by a dog. And I bled. But that didn´t get my hopes down! We have been teaching a very special message on repentance this week. That we cannot wait, not even one day to repent. It is a continuous process that will ultimately lead us back to our Heavenly Father. We had many great experiences teaching that!
On Wednesday, we taught Margot and she said she needed a blessing, so I gave her one, just for some spiritual strength. We met Margot the next day and she said that she was sad, because of some problems within the family. Then she said "However, I have never felt so much strength before. Thank you Elders."
Later in the week we taught our investigator, Talia. As we were teaching her, her sister informed us that she wanted the missionary lessons as well. Apparently her sister Estefani had an argument with Talia the other day about what happens after we die. Estefani explained what her church had taught her. And Talia had explained to her what the missionaries (us) had taught her. In the end, Estefani said that what Talia learned from us made sense. Yeah!!
On Saturday, we visited Rosana, who we weren´t planning on visiting, but things change. Once we got there, her daughter ran out, scared telling us to call an ambulance for Rosana. We went inside and she had alot of stomach pain. We called the ambulance, gave her a blessing and waited with her. We hope and pray that she will be fine. We will see soon. Please keep "Rosana" in your prayers.
We had a great week. And changes are coming up!!! Will let you all know what happens on.... Tuesday! (of next week)
I love you all! I love the Lord and His work!!!
Elder Teloma

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