Monday, May 25, 2015

True Conversion

We had a great week!
It started off with a powerful lesson (with Maria, our investigator) on Christ´s visit to the Americas!

On Wednesday, we were in the Salto bus station all day for changes. We got to welcome all the new missionaries to Salto and send a few off to other departments (states) of Uruguay!

Thursday, in the morning, we contacted people who live near the church! We met a nice lady named Eliana who was outside with her two little children. We talked to her a little bit about who we were and what our message was and I could see in her face that she was about to politely decline the message when to my complete shock, she invited us in! It was incredible. It was a miracle.
After, we taught Maria and reviewed the baptismal interview questions and her testimony is rock solid. She told us, when we first started teaching her, that the Restoration of the Gospel all made sense and that she didn´t need to pray to know that it was true. 6 weeks later (in this lesson on Thursday) she told us that she had spent many hours praying, and shedding tears to know that gospel was true. This is true conversion.

On Friday we visited Rosario and taught her the Book of Mormon. She promised to read, ponder, and pray to know if it was true! We also visited the Gimarais family! They are less active so we taught them the Doctrine of Christ and challenged them to come back to church. They accepted. And they came!

So we stopped by a member´s house and talked with her quickly to set a lesson up. As my comp was talking with her (Marta), I was looking at Marta´s crazy little dog. When the dog stuck its nose out the fence, I started petting it. Once I got the dog´s trust, I flicked it right in it´s nose HAHAHAHA. Then it got very angry, started barking and tried to bite me!! And Marta (who didn´t see me flick the dog) was like "Oh I´m sorry about the dog, he´s always like that around strangers!" HAHAHAH  I need to change.

Saturday was incredible. In the morning, we worked with Sister Tate and visited her friend Antonella, who is not a member. We taught her the message of the Restoration. She paid very close attention and told us she felt it was true. From there, we invited her to pray and to come to church the following day. And she did both!

The Lord has blessed us with miracles in His work because are working faithfully as instruments in his hands. I love being an instrument in the Lord´s hands! I always will be!

Maria´s baptism is this Saturday, May 30th, at 6:00 pm, for those of you who wish to come.
Pictures next Monday!
Hasta enonces, con cariño,
Elder Teloma

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 6 in Ceibal, Salto!

We had a Great week over here!!

On Tuesday, we found and taught Mary!! Incredible lady interested in the Gospel. She has a nine year old son (Cesar) that comes to church! We look forward to continue teaching her this week!!
Also, later that day I had the funniest conversation of the month with a grandma who I am guessing does not like Mormons. We met a guy named Juan while we were contacting the other day and he told us to come back another day. So we came back Tuesday and his grandma answered the door and angrily stared at us. So I said:
"Hi, nice to meet you. Is your grandson Juan home?"
"Really? Where is he?"
"He´s busy."
"Oh, he´s busy. But is he home?"
"Yes."......"But he´s busy."
"But he told us to come by, so you know, he´s probably waiting for us."
"..................okay, fine. I´ll get him"
To finish that day, we had a great lesson on tithing with Maria, who is getting baptized on the 30th!!!

Wednesday, we taugh Ricardo who told us that he was not feeling too well because he no longer had desires to go to church. We shared with him Alma 38:4-5. We talked about this and all the difficult situations in our lives in general. We came to the conclusion that as we trust more in God, we will receive blessings, but more importantly, we will recognize all the many blessings that we already have.

On Thursday, I did divisions with Elder White in his area!!! Elder White, from Utah, started the mission with me and we are very good friends. And this is the first time in the mission that we have shared the same zone!!! (After nearly 21 months!) We had the opportunity to teach about prophets. Also we had a great experience were we contacted a house that we felt we needed to contact. We met Cecilia, who had never met missionaries before. We found out that she doesn´t believe in God, so we explained that He exists  and that our families can be together forever. When we asked if we could share the message with her, she paused..........and said yes. It was a miracle.

On Friday, we taught Hna. Chivel and helped her plan to go to the temple this year!! (Start with the end (temple) in mind) WHOO!!!

On Saturday, I was privleged to give Hugo a baptismal interveiw. It was an incredibly spiritual and uplifting experience to see and feel his testimony. He will be baptized on Saturday.
We had many incerdible experiences this week, had a great stake conference as well.
I know this church is true! I love it!
Elder Teloma

That is Argentina. This river divides Uruguay and Argentina!

This is normal.

Monday, May 11, 2015


So on Tuesday, we visited Gladis Diaz, who is a less active member. She is incredibly nice. We shared with her the lesson of the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. We know that because she told us that she loved it, while tearing up. It´s a very special Plan, where the Lord is the author so it naturally lifts one up. We also were able to read the Book of Mormon with our progressing investigator Maria!! We are so happy to see her progress. She is incredibly intelligent (has a library full of physics and chemistry books). And she uses alot of reason but is learning to trust God and have more faith in Him.

On Wednesday, we taught an incredible lesson on the Law of Chastity with Maria. Not only did she agree with everything, but she said something that assured us of her understanding of this divine law: "Well, if everyone kept this commandment, there wouldn´t be as many problems in the world today!" Correct.

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to do divisions with Elder Hodges again!!! He came over to my area and we worked. We had another lesson with Gladis Diaz and taught the Resurrection, the Final Judgement and the Kindgoms of Glory. The Holy Ghost was present in this lesson. Even the Gladis´daughter came in to join us. We had the opportunity to sing "The Lord is My Shepard" to many mothers for an "early mothers day gift" Elder Hodges sang tenor and I sang melody sometimes and alto as well. It was such a beautiful day!

Friday, we contacted all morning getting to know many children of God. I love meeting new people. It´s interesting to see their beliefs, what they think about our church and whether they would be interested or not in growing their faith in Christ. We taught Maria about service in the church and the law of the fast! We gave two blessings that day to a baby girl who was sick, and an 8 year old son of Juan Carlos (an investigator). It was a special experience because after both blessings, they both immediately felt much better. It´s an honor to excersize the Priesthood of God.

On Saturday we went to a baptism in the stake center because our investigator Maria wanted to see what its like! A little girl, Belen, was baptized and the service was beautiful!
We had a lesson with a new investigator (Rosario) and when the Spirit was strongest, I asked her if she would be baptized on the 20th of June and she said yes!!!

On Sunday, there were elections here in Salto and it was MOTHERS DAY! I got to talk to my mom and it was amazing being able to see her! Happy (late) mothers day to all! "The title "Mother" is a sacred one". Dont ever forget that!

I can testify that there is no other work similar to this work. It is sacred, ordained of God and eternal!
Until next week!
Elder Teloma

i was eating cake

She´s 3 but super intelligent