Monday, November 10, 2014

¡Hoy es el Día!

This week was beautiful. On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to prepare Sofia for her baptism. And this girl was definitely prepared.

On Wednesday, I went on divisions with Elder Cline from Utah! He has just two weeks here in the mission field and well, does not speak Spanish! So it was very fun being able to work with him and reflect on my first few weeks in the mission field when I was not speaking much. Over there I was able to meet Viriginia who was going to get baptized on Saturday. However, I was to teach her the lesson of tithing, which is one of the harder lessons to teach over here. But we did it. We spoke and the Spirit testified. And she listened, understood and accepted the law of tithing. With that, we finished the missionary lessons with her and I prepared her for her baptismal interview and she was definitely ready and was baptized on Saturday. She will be a great, strong member.

On Thursday, I met some great people. First we visited Alberti who is their new investigator. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. I asked Alberti: How long would you like to be with your family? And he said "Well, all my life. And I don´t know if it is possible, but all eternity as well." Then we testified that yes, he could be with his family for all eternity. 
After we visited Angelica, who is very nice and is a member of the Adventist Church. We taught her the basic gospel of Christ and she understood everything up until the point of baptism. She agreed that baptism is necessary but informed us that she had already been baptized by the Adventist Church. So we began talking about the authority to baptize and I asked her "Angelica, if you were driving on the highway and an ice cream truck pulled you over and gave you a ticket for speeding, would you pay it?" 
"Haha, of course not."
 Then I asked her: "If it were a police officer that pulled you over and gave you a ticket, would you pay it?" "Yes."
"Because the police officer has the authority to give me a ticket."
And then it hit her. "OOOOOHH. Now I get it."
So we were able to get her to the point where she needs to find out that our church is the true church with the authority to baptize. 

Friday, we had a family home evening with the Smith family! (Our mission president´s family) All 8 of his children were there. (5 of whom are married, with their spouses as well) It was incredible. One of President Smith´s sons served in the Washington D.C. mission in sign language. And he showed us the first vision in sign language. It was powerful, and moving. 

Saturday, we had a great lesson with Talia and before extending the baptismal challenge, she told us and her mom that she wanted to get baptized. So now we will be preparing her for that step in her life. Then, we got a surprise call from our stake president, President Guarteche, that he wanted to work with us that day! So we left with him and visited a sister (Sister Placeres) who was once a very strong member but has now been less active for many years. We had an incredible lesson on the Doctrine of Christ and our stake president bore an incredibly powerful testimony and the Spirit was felt by every single person in the room. He asked Beatriz if she would return to church and she said yes. She said without hesitation that she would go the next day.

On Sunday, Beatriz came, after more than a decade of being inactive. It was a miracle, and we have given her the commitement to partake of the sacrament, ALWAYS. We had Sofia´s baptism and it was a beautiful service. Here is to another hermosa semana!

I love you all! I love Jesus Christ and this work!

Elder Teloma
Photo of the Week
A drug store. Quite literally.

The inside
The outside

A basketball hoop in Uruguay

BBQ, Uruguayan Style

Sofia´s Baptism!

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