Monday, October 13, 2014

We had a very productive and great week. Alot of very good uplifting experiences. First, we met an older guy named Jorge Sosa, who shouted to us from his house as we were walking down his streeting. We kept walking, until I realized he was speaking English! That caught my attention and we approached him. We ended up talking to him for a good 15 minutes and it turns out that he lived in New York City for 11 years and in Boston for 17 years. He was very kind and knew quite a bit about the church and the mission program. He has respect for us, and that is a good start.

On Wednesday, we visited Margot, a member who is returning to church and we had a great lesson and how she needs to make inspired decisions that includes her choosing to go to church to partake of the Sacrament. The Spirit was so incredibly strong in that lesson that it brought her to tears. When we left, she shook our hands asking "Oh why can´t we hug the angels?!" And that, brothers and sisters, is the quote of the week.

On Thursday, it rained. Hard. We left anyway, excited as ever, with my handy dandy umbrella, and a large rock landed in front of us. We immediately assumed that someone was throwing rocks at us, when we realized that the rock melted. It was HAIL. But not a pellet of hail. Literally a baseball sized chunk of ice. Then, many many many more stones of hailed started falling and we had to find safety. My umbrella was attacked 3 times, and made it through, just barely.

Finally, I had the opportunity to work solo with my bishop on Saturday. Nearly six hours, we visited many less active members and active members to teach them the Doctrine of Christ and how that can help them in their lives. It was a great experience, and I learned alot from Obsipo Baez!!

Well, that concludes a great week, and now we head into our final week of this change!! WHOO!
I love the Lord, and I love His work!!!!
For those of you who are interested:

Love you all!!
Elder Teloma

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