Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cuando entran los Santos

Buenos Dias loved ones in California, Germany, South Africa, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Phillipines, and New Zealand!!!

We had a great week preaching and teaching the beautiful gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ! On Tuesday, we met Graciela, who is actually a nieghbor who is very friendly. She explained to us that she used to believe in God, but she encountered many serious problems in her life and eventually stopped believing. We had the opportunity to get to know her and schedule a return visit. It´s hard sometimes, meeting great people who through trials, have lost their faith. 

On Wednesday, we met Maria!! In her mid 20s. She was at the home of a less active family that we were teaching, and we got to know her. As a single mother, she has many many problems and as we taught her the message of faith and hope, she cried many times. Later in the week had the opportunity to give her a Book of Mormon and explain it to her. We can definitely see that she is progressing and will come to accept this beautiful gospel in her life! Although she has many afflictions, she has reminded us many times that she is ready to completely change her life for the better. 

Thursday. Let´s just say that this is the first time in my life that I can say I have had a chicken thrown at me. Won´t get into detail. Just wanted to let yall know that someone threw a live chicken at me. 

Also on Thursday, we held a free english class in the chapel and we had 12 people show up! 10 Uruguayans, and 2 Peruvians, very eager to learn English! Elder Bagget (from Reno, Nevada) and I taught. It was very fun and we will be having English Class every Thursday at 7:30. So if you want to learn some English come on down to Montevideo, Uruguay and we´ll be here! 

On Friday, we had a Futbol activity at the church. In the US, we have basketball courts in the chapels. In Uruguay, we have football fields. And literally every single person in this country plays soccer very well. It´s ridiculous. That is why Uruguay qualifies every 4 years for the world cup, when it is a country of only 3 million people. Every single person here is incredible at soccer. Love it.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to work with members from the Elder´s quorom again which was awesome! I left with Brother Pedro Alvez and we visited a few investigators! He got alot very well with Juan. Working with members of the church is the best way to do missionary work! 

Well, that was our week over here in Nuevo Paris!! Tonight I have the opportunity to go back to Barrio 5 (my last area) for the baptism of Guillermo!! He was one of my investigators from this area and he has decided to enter through the doors of baptism!! What a great blessing. I LOVE this work. I LOVE my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Teloma

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