Monday, September 29, 2014

Nuevo Paris

To start off the week, we taught the simple and clear message of the Restoraton to 2 active families to help them understand what we teach as missionaries. We were able to set up days and times to work with each member. It was especially nice teaching the Alvez family. Pedro Alvez (the dad) is always joking around and having a good time. However, for the first time ever, I saw him cry during this beautiful lesson of the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. it truly is a poweful message. 

We taught many less active members like Beto and Soraya. As we were explaining the Doctrine of Christ to them, Soraya explained to us that she "follows Christ, but in her own way." Fortunately we were able to bring her to the point where she could understand that we must follow Christ in His way. 

We stopped by Patrick, a less active, and taught him the Doctrine of Christ and asked him if he would go to church. He said "Ill do everything I can to go to church this Sunday." This is a very popular answer here in Uruguay that very simply put means: no. So we didn´t leave him until we had him explain what exactly he was going to do to return, and in the end he asked us if we would stop by Sunday morning so we could walk to church together! Yeah! Commitement! 

We had another lesson with the Alvez family and I was prompted to read a few verses in Doctrine and Covenants about the temple and how important it really is. Sister Alvez, in the end of the lesson asked us if we knew they were going to the temple the very next day and we were like "What? You´re going to the temple tomorrow?!." She said that lesson was exactly what she needed to prepare herself to enter the Lord´s house. 

Oh man, we really had so many great experiences this week! Going on...

Friday, my comp and I were just walking, stopped and knocked on the door of a random house and some older guy named Juan answered and let us in!!! We started talking and got to know him. It was really cool! Then, his wife came in the house and looked at us, with an expression of shock and disappointment. She shook our hands, grumbled hello, then went into the kitchen. About 5 minutes later, she returned to the room and sat down next to Juan but looked at the television (it was turned on before). Then she got up, and turned the volume down, looked directly at me and asked "Are you guys from that large Mormon church down the street?" I said "Yes we are." She said "I was baptized in that church when I was 11. I was active until I got married at age 22." She proceeded to tell us all she knew about the church and it was incredible. As she continued talking to us, everything about her completely changed. Her face lit up with hope and she told us "Thank you for stopping by, you guys are welcome here whenever." The only reason she stopped going to church was because of work. Now, she is older, and I know she is ready to return. And Juan is ready to accept the gospel. What an incredible experience. 

Saturday morning, we had an experience that strengthens my testimony that the Lord really does put people in our path. We were planning on visiting Julio (a less active) another day but for some reason felt we should visit him Saturday morning. So we went and entered his apartment complex and walked by a lady, said hi, and then she said "Are you guys from the Mormon church?" I told her yes, that we were missionaries. She said "My name is Ana, my daughter and step-daughter are members of your church." We got to know her just a little bit. Then she said "You know, this morning, I was supposed to take a bus to pick up some things. But once I left my apartment, I just stood still outside. I don´t know why. I just didn´t go. Then you two came up and now I understand why I stayed." We got her information and will be stopping by this week to teach her what she needs to know. The Lord put her in our path, and now we will put her on the Lord´s path. 

Until next week. 

Elder Teloma

Wall of Clouds
I painted a fence

It rained. Hard. And hailed. YEAH.
This bunny tried to bite me. 

It´s charging me. 

"Two friends"

Just studying, on the beach.

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