Monday, September 15, 2014

"Follow me"

We had a very good week over here in Nuevo Paris. We had the opportunity to go to the Montevideo Temple, the most holy and sacred place in the world where I was able to experience a powerful communication with God. I abosultely love going to the temple where I can be in 100% peace and reflect on what truly matters in this life as well as the life to come. Every chance I get to be in the house of the Lord is a blessing beyond any measurment.

So, I have a new companion now!! After the temple, I dropped off my companion, Elder Wakley, and he headed up to the North of this country. Then I picked up my new companion, Elder Salome, from Peru! So I have been showing him around the new area and he is getting to know all the members and people we talk to!! We met Loudres, who is really nice, a school teacher, and loves Obama. She named her dog Obama.

We taught Adrian, a recent convert the Doctrine of Christ which is focused on the moment he said "Follow me". As we taught him this doctrine, he looked at us and said "This is exactly what I needed". The Doctrine of Christ is a beautiful doctrine that can and will change people´s lives. I testify of that with all my heart. We also visited an inactive member, Raquel, super nice, and we taught her the exact same doctrine, and she came to church to partake of the Sacrament. She came because listened and understood the Doctrine of Christ. Honestly, when we teach, we teach by the Holy Ghost. It´s not our message we are sharing. It´s God´s message to the world.

We taught our investigator Noelia the end of the Plan of Salvation!! It was a great lesson and she definitely understood! She understood that there is no end, but rather an Eternal continuation of happiness!! Also, we left with Brother Heber to visit some less active members and found Oscar Garcia! We also taught him the doctrine of Christ and he told us he has a sincere desire to return to church. In his own words "We all know that we are in the right church, so I really should be going."

I know that the simplicity and clarity of Christ´s doctrine can and will change the world. Christ said "Follow me". If we can put aside the world to come unto and follow Christ, our lives will change. Our earthly lives just as much as the paradisical glory that awaits us.

Elder Teloma

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