Monday, September 1, 2014

Vamo arriba Uruguay!!

This week was a good week, but a good good week!!
So on Monday, we visited a less active family (Disezo) and met their new neighbor, Noelia (35) and her daughter Florencia (9)!!! They just recently moved across the street from that family. We taught them all the Book of Mormon. We read 3rd Nephi 11:8-10, the exact moment that Christ descended in the Americas, Noelia said "This is beautiful" several times. But in Spanish. It was incredible lesson and the Spirit was strongly felt. That beautiful day ended with a nice storm. A very nice violent strom that took out all the electricity.
On Tuesday, we taught Dennis the Book of Mormon!! And for a 20 year old, he had alot of interest in it!! Then, later that night, we had a nice family home evening with the Alvez Family and challenged then to read the Book of Mormon before New Years! And they accepted.
Wednesday, we had a lesson with Hugo, a less active who doesn´t believe that the Book of Mormon is true. He told us he didn´t believe that Christ actually visited the Americas after his Resurection. I shared with him John 10:16 where it talks about Christ visiting his "other sheep". And it definitely made him think. And I know in the end, he will come to the same conclusion that millions have come to. That the other sheep are the habitants of ancient america. To end a nice Wednesday, on the way home, we were attacked by a group of Uruguayan guys throwing massive stones at us. I was hit twice. But. I made it out alive. Oh and my comp too.
On Thursday, I found a sheep named Rosana and I played with it. It was fluffy. I LOVE it. We also went through "La Boca" to get to an area faster. Which apparently is a known drug alley. We made it alive, but will not go back there. Again.
On Friday, we had a great lesson with Ivonne that went all over the place. She has many doubts which is completely natural. So we were able to talk to her about everything we knew and she told us that she felt happy!!!She really just wants to find the right path, and she will.
Saturday, we talked with Noelia again about the Restoration and she told us that she knows its true. It was a very nice lesson and so now we are ready to put her on the road to not baptism, but conversion.
On Sunday, I was asked last minute to give a talk, so I gave one on Jesus Christ and mission work! My bishop thanked me by giving me a tie with many african animals on it!!! YEAH.

Twas a great week over here in Nuevo Paris and the following will be even better! Love you all!!
Elder Teloma

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