Monday, August 25, 2014

Independence Day

Buenos dias!!! Today is Uruguay´s Independence Day!!! The 4th of July of Uruguay!! This week was crazy, but crazy good. It started off with a two liter bottle full of DIRT being thrown at me by some guys who probably should have been working and not drinking, given it was 11 in the morning on a Tuesday. Fortunately it just missed my head :) Then we visited Olga!! Who is a stellar investigator! We taught her the Book of Mormon and she was stunned. Especially when she learned that the Savior visited the Americas after having left Jerusalem as a resurrected being.
After,we found someone named Stephanie who is really cool. So she apparently was an investigator that came to the conclusion that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, without any doubt, is the true church of Christ here on earth. She told us everything she knew, and knew to be true about our church and it was impressive. Unfortunately, she never got to the point of marrying her boyfriend, with whom she lives with (and has children with). So we taught her just a little bit to leave the Spirit with her. The next time we go by, we will discuss the marriage topic with her again to get her to follow Christ by being baptized. It was funny, she told me "You know, I was baptized as a baby in the Catholic church. My parents had me baptized". And I just smiled and said " Oh, thats nice". And stared at me, frowned and said "No. No it´s not nice. It would have been nice to be baptized in the RIGHT church (as she pointed to me)." Hahaha.

So on Thursday, we did divisions and I left my comp to work with Elder Martinez (from Vera Cruz, Mexico) in Las Torres, which is the most danerous area in the mission, and quite possibly all of Uruguay. And I was SUPER excited! In this area, the two missionaries are required to return home at 7:00pm instead of 9:00pm. So we were able to visit many nice families and it wasn´t too bad. There were some people walking down the streets with guns but nothing happened to us. Well, actually one thing. I saw two geese and walked up to them and they hissed at me with their mouths open and I was like "Yeah, I don´t think so" and backed up. Elder Martinez, on the other hand, approached them and started petting one on the neck. Then the other goose BIT the goose on the neck which angered that goose, prompting it to chase Elder Martinez down the street and biting him!!! I didn´t laugh, because I was mostly in shock not believing what I saw. Then we saw two guys bring out two angry, but angry chickens. And once they released them, they fought. Violently. So that was my day in Las Torres.

Friday, we worked with our bishop, visiting less active members, and that was a great experience on our part, as much as his. He really was able to touch the hearts of all the members we visited. He was able to invite the Spirit and have it testify of our words. At the end of the night (Friday), we visited Sister Porley, who is a less active member with a strong testimony. Her son David, and his girlfriend Eugiene were there. Apparently, the night before, Sister Porley taught Eugiene about the Book of Mormon. So once we came in, Eugiene told us she had alot of interest in it! So we taught her! Nearly quoting Joseph Smith word for word, she told us that she just wanted to find the truth. That she has a genuine desire to know which church is true. After an incredible lesson on the Book of Mormon, we planned to visit them the next day!
So, on Saturday we came by and taught Eugiene the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She was completely caught off guard, and we all felt the Spirit, particularly when my comp recited the First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I told her straight up that if she has a sincere desire to know the truth, she will. After sincere prayer. I know, without a doubt, that the Holy Ghost, through Heavenly Father will manifest the truth to her.

One thing I absolutely love about this work is that teaching is not difficult. It is easy teaching the truth. The nature of the Holy Ghost is to testify of truth.
Once again, I leave you now with a strong confirmation of the truth and happiness of this Gospel. I love it! Until next week!

Elder Teloma
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I caught a goose

I held a GOOSE. a GOOSE. 

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