Monday, August 18, 2014

El Senor esta apresurando la obra!!!

We had a great week over here in Barrio 16!!! We found many new people to teach!! First we found Mario and Daniela and their two younger children (8 and 2). They both have basic beliefs in God and Christ, but do not know too much and told us that they really want to learn more. However, the 2nd time we stopped by, Daniela told us that the last time we came by, her mom (who is super super Catholic and lives across the street) saw us and was very uncomfortable with the fact that they were listening to us. And so Daniela wants to make everyone happy. She wants us to teach them in their friend´s house in another bordering neighborhood. So we´ll see what happens there! We are very excited to see them progress!!!

The Miracle
So, last Friday at about 6:00pm, we passed by three houses and noone was home. So my comp told me that we needed to find a less active member named Rosana Osano who moved to the neighborhood. However the only information we had was her name and the neighborhood she lived in. So we went there and it is a large block of about 200 homes. So we walked around and decided to ask any person we saw if they knew a "Rosana Osano" and where she lived. Well, we didn´t see anyone in the streets for a good 2 minutes, so I was just like "Yeah, lets just go knock a door". My comp and I looked around and saw a yellow house and decided to go there to ask for help, finding this Rosana. We knocked, and a little kid looked through the window and smiled. Then his mom came out. And upon seeing us, the biggest smile appeared across her face and she said "Hey! I haven´t seen you guys for a while! Come on in!" And we were like "uhm. Okay!" Then I asked her "What is your name?" "Rosana Osano!!" My comp and I couldn´t believe it. His face in that moment was priceless. And Im guessing mine was as well. We went in and she completely poured her heart out to us and cried. And cried. She has had alot of family problems and its been a burden on her. But we shared a scripture with her, and just listened. At the end I asked her how she felt in the moment and she said " Relieved, much better, thank you so much". She told us she would start coming back to church. We saw her two days later, happier than ever, in the Lord´s house.

Also, we have an investigator named Ivonne. Who lives next door to her sister Esther, who lives next door to her sister who lives next door to their oldest sister. There are 4 houses in a row and 4 sisters who live in all of them. It´s crazy. Ivonne and Esther are both investigators but we have to teach them separately because they don´t really like eachother. Anyway, we found and taught Ivonne this week. We taught her the Restoration and she opened up to us about her life and all the problems she has had and has today. We was paralyzed in the year 2000 and couldn´t walk for 8 years. Then, she was able to walk after that!! But had to learn which took her about a year. She is an incredible lady and we will be coming by very soon to teach her this beautiful gospel!!

Yesterday we were able to see many inactive members return to church. It was truly incredible being able to see that. We have been working alot with them and in the end, it all worked out. We will continue passing by to strengthen their testimonies as well as our own!! I am loving it!!

Elder Teloma
There is only one swing in this set
This is cool

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