Monday, February 2, 2015

The Horse

Hello family and friends!
This last Wednesday, we were able to teach a new family the message of the Restoration! It is the Ramos family and they are amazing! They all have a special desire to learn more of the restored truths!
Then we had a great experience Thursday morning. We were just wallking around when I had the feeling to knock on a random door. I went up to it, knocked, and a lady came out (about late 20s) Her name is Estefani, and she told us that she is Christian and has her own belief in God. I said "That´s alright, the message we share is about families and how they can be eternal." I saw that she had two little children in the house. Her expression changed, and she said "I want to listen to this message then." And she let us in!! We taught her the message of the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. Seriously. I was reminded of my own mother, receive the missionary lessons at that age with two little children, ages 3 and 1. We shared a very special, spiritual moment together and we will be stopping by again tomorrow morning!
On Friday we stopped by the Ramirez family, which is a great family. Unfortunately, the mother is suffering from skin cancer. We only stopped by for a minute to see how they were doing and comfort them. We hope and pray that her condition improves.

Saturday, we visited a ton of people and almost got killed by a horse. So we decided to taking a shortcut that involved crossing a little creek of water. However there was a massive horse in the middle of the path, so I threw a rock at it and it got out of the way. (Don´t worry, that is actually normal) So once it was out of the way we crossed the creek and made our way uphill when I realized that the horse was tied up to a fence, It´s rope was right in front of me, so I took it and tugged it. I´m not sure why. I guess I still haven´t learned. Anyway, the horse turned around, and CHARGED us. But this thing sprinted....FAST. I turned around and BOOKED it for my LIFE. I knew that the horse was limited, but didn´t know how long its rope was. After a good 10 second chase....I made it. And by some miracle, my companion made it as well. I turned around and saw that the horse´s mouth was at the tip of my companion´s back. He made it by a SLIVER. And oh man, was this horse angry. We got out of there as fast as we could, grateful that we made it out alive. I will never mess with a horse again. Eh... who am I trying to kid.

After that, we had many great lessons! We taught Jorge and Sandra the Plan of Salvation and they were very interested in all of it! Especially the Kingdoms of Heaven! We stopped by Gabriela, but she just seemed very stressed out, with her children. I explained to her that when I was born, my mom immediately loved me. And as I was reflecting I realized that I never did anything to deserve her love. The same with God. And I explained to her that as we sacrifice for others, we love them. We learn to love them even more! She definitely appreciated this little lesson. I testify that as I have sacrificed for the people here in Uruguay, I have learned to love them, with all my heart!

Elder Teloma

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  1. Hi, Marcel … Whenever I got time I read with interest your most recent self-disclosure on the weblog of the Lord’s Work in Uruguay. Sometimes I haven’t a clue what you write about because I got now knowledge of the Book of Mormons. But never mind I can google. As you might know I have grown up as a “Lutheran Evangelist” but in the meantime I got no more interest in believes. “The message of the Restoration” that you mentioned I had to google to understand the meaning. Now I know and I can follow your information and expression a bit better. To knock on a random door I am sure you not always welcome, right! Sure when you are welcome or asked to come in and people listen to you it’s OK. But have you had bad experiences too? For today it’s enough. After so many years not writing English it is each time a challenge to me. Write more information so I can follow and notice what’s about it to be a Mormon believer. Helge