Monday, January 26, 2015

Training Week 2!

Saludos a todos mis queridos seres!
We had a very nice week over here in Rivera, Uruguay. 
We visited a less active Sister, Sister Furtado. Her family right now is less active because they are busy on Sundays helping out the Brother Furtados family, because they are going through some stuff right now. Anyway, she explained to us that she has a strong testimony of the gospel, but right now, she has decided to put her family first. We were able to explain to her that if we obey God, and partake of the Sacrament every Sunday, we would be even more blessed and our families would be helped in extrordinary ways!
After, we had a great lesson with the DaCuña family, (the wife is less active) on family prayer and how important it really is. This week, we will work alot with the Sister to bring her back to church to enjoy the fulness of the gospel!

We were also able to visit Gabriela this week. We taught her the simple message of the Doctrine of Christ and she prayed in front of us to know that the Book of Mormon was true. We will stop by later today for another visit!

We taught Jorge the Plan of Salvation and he had alot of great questions! We know he has a family and we really want to get to know them so we can present this beautiful message to them all and help them understand that they can truly be together forever. 

We taught Sacias, who is stuggling with tobacco. We taught him about the Priesthood of God and how he can posses it, if he becomes worthy to do so. And he loved it. He has a sincere desire now to change and receive this power of God. 

On Friday, the Sister missionaries in my district set up a baptismal interview for their investigator, and for the first time, I had the opportunity to conduct a baptismal interview! And it was an incredible, spiritual experience. Her name is Nabia Vasquez, and she told me her whole conversion story which is incredible. The Spirit was strong, and I knew by the end that she was ready to be baptized the next day. 
The sister missionaries had also asked me for a blessing to help them work better, and especially with the language. I gave Hermana Barrios a blessing in Spanish, to have her be able to help her new companion learn Spanish. Then Elder Pulsipher, (my Californian bro) gave Hermana Chapman a blessing in English to help her with the language. It was an incredible experience and since then, we have seen miracles in their communication skills. Within a day.

On Saturday, we were invited to the baptism and it was a wonderful experience. And that concludes a great week over here in Rivera! I know this church is the true church of Jesus the Christ. I know it. I live it. I love it. 
Elder Teloma


We meet again

This is someone´s house in Brazil

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