Monday, January 5, 2015

Rivera 2015

Happy 2015!
This year is going to be GREAT.

So on Tuesday of last year, we had a great lesson on the commandements with Fidel. He is accepting the Gospel even more every time we pass by and this Saturday he will be baptized! After a great lesson with this son of God, we stopped by Mirtha! We taught and gave her a Book of Mormon! She was like "Can I....can I write my name in it?" And I was like "Why yes. Yes you can." And with the biggest smile on her face, she wrote her name in it and said "Now it´s mine. And I am going to read it!" She also invited us to lunch another day and she´s not even a member!! After Mirtha we left to find an someone who was an investigator 5 years ago. We had the information to where she lived. He name is Gabriela. However when we went to the house, they informed us that Gabriela no longer lived there but lives "right around the corner down the street"....No address... so I knocked someones door, an older lady came out, and I asked her if she knew Gabriela. She said yes. "That is my daughter. But she doesn´t live here. She lives down there." And I was like "What the heck!?!?!" What does down there mean?!?! So we walked further down the street and I looked at a house and I heard a voice within myself say "It´s that house." But I didn´t believe it, so I talked to the people across that house and asked if they knew Gabriela. "Oh yeah, she lives right across the street!".... I will never doubt again. We found her daughter who told us to come back Saturday!

On Wednesday we were walking down the street and I saw a dirty, fat dog eating a pile of fruit on the ground. It was making a weird noise, but I ignored it and kept walking. Then I stopped and said "Wait a minute...." I turned around, got a better look and IT WAS A PIG!!!!! I ran up to it. Pet it and took pictures with it! I LOVE PIGS. And I haven´t seen one for ages!
Also we did divisions. I worked with Elder Pulsipher from Temecula, California!!!!!!! Who is also a BYU Football player! Love that guy. We had a great day, last day of the year! Definitely unforgettable. For the last minutes of the Lord´s work of 2014, we went to visit a less active member who was feeling horrible. With faith and hope in his heart he asked us to give him a blessing. However before, we sang a hymn. As we sang the Spirit filled the room. Tears filled his eyes as he listened to us. After, Elder Pulsipher gave him a blessing. We talked with him and his family, then left. It was an incredible way to end the year.

On Thursday morning, NEW YEARS, we watched thousands of fireworks light up the sky. The best part was being able to watch fireworks go off in TWO countries!!
But yeah, we had a great zone meeting, but it started storming after. The first day of the year and it was heavy rains and heavy storms. Just lovely. We worked anyway, because the Lord´s work doesn´t stop. We taught another investigator, Jaquelina, the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! Only taught up to the Atonement and said we would finish the plan the next time we come. I asked her "Do you have any questions?" "No, but I want to know what happens after death!!!" Haha it was funny, we talked just a minute about it then told her we would be back to explain the rest of God´s great plan.

Friday was incredible. We stopped by a less active member who only speaks Portugese. Her name is Claudia. At the end of our lesson, she promised us she would return to church!! It was great. We then left to work with Brother Varela who is a stud!! He is 80 but he works. However.... yeah. So as we were walking from one lesson to another Brother Varela pulled some tiny leaves off a tree and ate them. He put them in his mouth and he ate them. It was disgusting. But he had the biggest smile on his face and said "MMMMMM, these are good." So I just laughed.

On Saturday, we found Gabriela (refer to Tuesday)!!!! Incredible lady! She couldn´t believe that we found her after 5 years! So we taught her the Restoration and it went well! We also taught Mirtha and gave her a baptismal challenge and date and she accepted!! WHOO!!

The work here just gets better and better! I love this work with all my heart. I love the people here in Rivera, Uruguay. Oh heck, I even love the people right next door in Brazil. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and know that it isn´t easy living the Gospel. But it´s worth it.
Elder Teloma

Its just eating like...dirty fruit



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