Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Lord´s Work In Misiones, Rivera

One of the greatest blessings in my life is being a missionary. This week, we taught Carbrera (an investigator) and Servando (his less active brother in law). We taught them both the Plan of Salvation and it went very well. We spoke. The Spirit taught and testified. It was a great lesson. 
Later we were able to teach Gabriela the reality of the Trinity. She had no idea. We explained that God the father, Christ the son, and the Holy Ghost and one in nearly every sense of purpose. Except that they are not 3 people in one substance. We explained with the simple doctrine of the Bible (Christ´s teachings) that they are separate personages, yet one in purpose. We also explained the true nature of God and that He has a glorified body, as we will one day have. 
The common belief of today that God is unknowable is false. How can we love, worship and honor a supreme being that to us is "an incomprehensible, unknowable substance beyond space and time?" We can not. 
Jesus Christ, the literal Son of God, came to this earth to show us what the Father is like. The incarnation, Atonement, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ testifies to us that HE, as his Father have glorified bodies.
I testify of the truth of this marvelous work and wonder.
Elder Teloma


I tried to take its cookie and it barked

The thunder storm slowly followed

Oh ye Elders of Rosario, Colonia

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