Monday, February 16, 2015


Dear family and friends,
We had a great week over here in Misiones, Rivera!!!
Man, we had a miracle on Tuesday. We were walking down the street and some drunk guy named "Servando." Anyway, he told us he was baptized a long time ago and wanted us to visit. So we stopped by his house and met him and his brother in law (Cabrera). We got talking and we taught them both a very powerful lesson on the Restoration of the gospel. Cabrera is not a member, yet he completely understood, so I asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized, and he said yes! He asked me if I could help him with saying the prayer, so I did. It was a beautiful, spiritual lesson!
On Wednesday, we visited Gabriela and we were just talking when all of a sudden, the topic of family history came up and she mentioned that she would love to learn more about her family history! So we taught the beginning of chapter 3 of 1 Nephi. It was an incredible opportunity to share testimony of the truths of family history!
Thursday, we had our second lesson with Cabrera and taught him the Book of Mormon! It was a great lesson. He loved it! We also had the opportunity to work with the first counselor in the stake, President DeSenne! That was a great opportunity! On Friday, we had a great lesson with Jesus, who wants to be baptized. He has a brother named John who lives in Montevideo, who is a strong member and I thought it would super cool to have John baptize Jesus....haha. Get it? But seriously, that would be awesome. Ill update yall on that. 
We had a great week over here in Misiones and alot of miracles coming up!! I love this church. I love this gospel. I love the Savior Jesus Christ!
Elder Teloma

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