Monday, December 8, 2014

Rivera Week 1

Whoo! I have made it to Rivera!!! It is beautiful and amazing over here! Completely different from Montevideo! We do live close to the city. We live 3 blocks from Brazil, and the border is completely open. You can just cross the street and walk right into Brazil! It is super awesome!Many incredible people over here! The majority speak a language called Portunol, which is a mix of Spanish and Portugese and it is cool. I understand the majority of it, but there are some words that I do not know. So it looks like I will be learning a little Portugese here! Whoo! That nice Christmas summer heat is coming in and the sun is bright as ever! This week, I have basically been getting to know all the people and the area. We have found many great people to teach!

I will inform you all on the work with details next week!
I love the Lord´s work! It´s the best!
Elder Teloma

My new companion, Elder Morales

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