Monday, April 20, 2015

Miracles in Salto

We had an incredible week here.
On Tuesday, we had a powerful lesson with a less active lady. She had her baby in her lap. And she grabbed a piece (a rather large piece) of cake and gave it to her baby. The baby (probably 8 months old) shoved nearly half the thing in it´s mouth. HAHAH I couldn´t focus after that. Fortunately, it was after the lesson. Later we visited Maria, who is a new investigator. We taught her the lesson of the Restoration. At the end of this strong lesson, we asked her if she would pray to know that the message was true. And she responded: "Why do I need to pray, if I already know it´s true?" Although it was a nice answer, we explained to her that ETERNAL TRUTHS CANNOT BE REVEALED WITHOUT PRAYER. And she understood. And she offered the closing prayer!

On Wednesday, we stopped by Maria again, with the 1st counselor of the stake and we watched the video of the Restoration. She paid alot of attention and pulled out many details and asked great questions! It was amazing! After, we had a very special family home evening with a recent convert and the Gimenez family. We all shared powerful testimony on Christ.

Thursday was divisions day. I worked with Elder Hodges, from Arizona and we worked hard and had a great time! We contacted a lady and I asked her if she knew anything about the church. She told us the names of all the missionaries she knew and then invited us in and showed us a photo album FULL of missionaries pictures from 2008! And shes not even a member!!!! So Elder Hodges and his comp will stop by again to change that :)

On Friday, we had a great lesson with Juan Carlos, an investigator on Doctrine and Convenants 20:37 the scripture that describes baptism in the true church.

On Saturday, we visited a less active sister with our Bishop, had an incredible lesson on trials and she said she would return. And she did.
To end, we had divisions and I worked with Rodrigo (Jeff Newman´s companion in his mission) And we taught Maria the Book of Mormon in one of the most spiritual lessons I have had. I extended the baptismal invitation and she accepted it. She said "I want to be baptized." And she came to church yesterday. This work is about miracles and I can testifty with all my heart that this is the Lord´s work.

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