Monday, March 23, 2015

Training Week 10

Dear family and friends, 
We had a great week over here in Rivera, Uruguay!! We are working incredible hard every day to achieve success and it has paid off! 
We visited Aurora (an Investigator we found a couple of weeks ago) had an amazing lesson on the Plan of Salvation and invited her and her 13 year old son, Ismael, to come to church. After many questions, answers and clarity, they agreed to come, and yesterday, they CAME! It was a miracle! Aurora had an older son who tragically passed away. She is going through a hard time right now, but has been blessed by her new knowledge of this wonderful plan that God has for us. However it is not what she knows that will convert her. It is what she feels that will convert her. 

We also had a very special lesson with the Garin family. They are less active (the mother and the son) And apparently, there isn´t any reason why. So I asked the mom: "Do you want your children to go to the Celestial Kingdom?"
"Because I know that is the best place to be after this life. And I love them"
"God feels the exact same way about each one of his children here on earth. However, He cannot make us keep His commandments. We use our agency to do what is right. And like that, we will return to His presence, where he anxiously awaits us."

It was a simple, yet powerful message we shared with them and we pray for them, and all the less actives that they may return to the path of Christ. More to come next week!!

Elder Teloma

Chapel that was burned down a year ago in Brazil, only the steeple remained

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  1. Awesome! Keep working hard and follow the Spirit!